We provide custom tailoring and hand-craft services for men like men’s suits and men’s shirts. The fit is a crucial factor to make you feel well dressed and your perfect fit cannot be found among standard sizes. At Truefit Bangkok, you can have your dress shirts, suits custom made for your clothier or online store. All our fabrics are carefully chosen to make a garment that brings out the best for your customers.

Since our product are individually hand cut & sewn, we can offer options of buttoned; single or double breasted; various pocket options; various pleat options in trousers and incorporate other details based on each order. We work on our cut and design details to make our clothing contemporary yet classical. We have a deep understanding of the cyclical nature of fashion and know where to draw our design inspiration from, while keeping in mind the customer’s physique and personality. We also give option to our client for personalized monogramming and contrast that are offered with our custom tailored garments.

After the crafting is done our quality control team will carefully inspect the finished products according to the customer’s given specification to prevent any crafting mistake or error.

We are also focus in durability of finished products. We use high quality interfacing, finest canvases, quality lining, 100% cotton shoulder pads and sleeve head to assure superior made and durability.

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